Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flower Arranging Class

I took a Flower Arranging class here at Fraser. They arranged for a professional teacher to come in and teach us. It was a lot of fun and I think mine came out well. There was a lot of interest in doing another one but I think it turned out to be too much work for the staff and they said no.

Big Fish

This beautiful fish is on Yeouido Island in Seoul. I was walking around trying to find the subway station when I came across it. There are a lot of sculptures all over Seoul!

"New" Paintbrush

I found this brush here in Insadong! It is 16 inches long. I think it is beautiful, but I'm not sure yet if it will be good for painting. The bristles are some sort of natural hair, I know because it smelled like an animal when I washed it! It took several shampooings to get the grime and smell out of it. When I bought it I thought it may be "old" since it was dirty, I asked the storekeeper, who spoke little English, who asked the other sales men, who then just laughed! She did tell me that it was indeed "old" --about 2 years old.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hidden Gallery

We were surprised to find this little art gallery under the bridge along the Cheonggyecheon stream. The pictures are all photos of Seoul. The area is open on one side and there appeared to be no one supervising the exhibit.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Wealthy Life

Jay got this email with tips for a wealthy life.

Dear all,
How did you spend your holiday?
These are tips to keep healthy your body.

▶ 건강 10훈 (wealthy life ten points) ◀

1. 小肉多菜(소육다채) : 고기는 적게 먹고, 야채를 많이 먹는다.
(Less meat, more vegetables)

2. 小鹽多醋(소염다초) : 소금은 적게 먹고, 초를 많이 먹는다.
(Less salt, more vinegar)

3. 小糖多果(소당다과) : 설탕은 줄이고, 과일을 많이 먹는다.
(Less sugar, more fruits)

4. 小食多嚼(소식다작) : 음식은 적게 먹고, 많이 씹는다.
(Less food, more chew)

5. 小煩多眠(소번다면) : 근심은 적게 하고, 잠을 많이 잔다.
(Less worry, more sleep)

6. 小怒多笑(소노다소) : 화는 적게 내고, 많이 웃는다.
(Less anger, more smile)

7. 小衣多浴(소의다욕) : 의복은 적게 입고, 목욕을 자주 한다.
(Less clothes, more do)

8. 小言多行(소언다행) : 말은 적게 하고, 행동을 많이 한다.
(Less speak, more do)

9. 小慾多施(소욕다시) : 욕심은 적게 내고, 봉사를 많이 한다.
(Less desire, more serve)

10.小車多步(소차다보) : 차를 적게 타고, 많이 걷는다.
(Less ride, more walk)

Have a nice day!