Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Underground Market

Last week we heard about the Underground Market--Of course we have been walking past it for 2 months and it has a big sign that says Underground Market over the entrance. It is even right next door to us. I feel so illiterate.

We went at night so there were not many people there at the time. The above is the entrance to the market, and I have to say that during the day it is even darker, doesn't look at all like an inviting market.

It was huge inside. I didn't get a lot of pictures because all of the shopkeepers were ready and waiting to sell us something. We quickly found that if you picked up something you were expected to buy it. We were looking at a bag of what we thought might be a bag of generic peanut M&M's. Out of no where came a shopkeeper to collect payment. They were not M&M's, we didn't care for them so Jay took them to work.

We saw everything from peppers to pigs heads to pianos--sorry no pictures of the pigs heads.

More Peppers

And even more peppers. Korean food is very spicy!

I wish I could have gotten more pictures - there was a restaurant down there, and butcher shops, fruit and vegetables, household goods, clothing and shoes.

There were lots and lots of dishes! I think you could find almost anything down there if you look hard enough. I want to go back to shop but Jay will have to come to carry everything.

Painting - Street in Seoul

Acrylic paint on watercolor paper. (9 3/4 x 14 inches)

This is one of many streets in Seoul. I find that because all the signs are in Korean I have to look at everything more carefully. I am trying to learn the Korean Hangul (alphabet) I feel like I am back in Kindergarten. I can sound out some of the words but still don't know what most of them mean. The yellow sign on the right is the "Good Restaurant" menu. It does have bulgogi (which is very good), and kimchi (which I think is more of an acquired taste), listed but I couldn't figure out the rest.

There is something to see everywhere. Seoul is a fascinating place.