Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going to Church

Going to Church is quite a bit different when you can't jump in the car and go. I am going to skip the whole subway experience for now. (I didn't get good pictures of it.)

We will start with the stairs this is just one set of many that we go up and down to get to the subway. There are lots of stairs involved to get to or from the subway. As Jay said, "Going to church is good for the heart and soul, ... and the legs and abs and back."

This octopus or squid tank was just in the road (no sidewalk) outside of a little restaurant.

This I think is funny. It is one of those games with the claw that you use to try to grab a prize with. In the US there are usually toys in them, but this one has vitamins and mints. At least that is what we think was in there.

Here is the road we went up. It is nice and steep and there is no sidewalk.

From the subway it is all uphill. These are not little alleys, these are the streets and there is quite a bit of traffic on them.

You should see cars pass each other on these streets! They come within inches of each other. They all drive with their side rearview mirrors folded up. I haven't seen any accidents. Yet.

The black gate is to the church property--(it is open on Sunday's--We did a practice trip on Saturday) and then we get to walk up the steepest hill of all. It is steeper than it looks in this picture. This is the driveway to the parking lot. I don't think many people drive to church because the parking lot is just a little bigger than a basketball court--In fact it is a basketball court.

Here is the church building--more stairs! That is Jay in the picture. We definitely get our exercise going to church. I am quite proud of myself, I did walk this in heels last Sunday. The heels were fine but my toes were frozen by the time we got home. Next week I am wearing my Ugg boots. If it snows or is icy we may stay home. (Ok, I might stay home, Jay is much more adventuresome than I am, and lots better at climbing hills!) The senior missionaries took a taxi last week and said that even the taxi driver didn't want to go up the driveway.

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  1. The church is quite pretty. I'm glad you were able to make it safely.