Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Views from My Window

I love looking out our windows--we have 2 of them. Both face the same direction which I think is south, but it feels more north to me. My sense of direction is way off.

There is so much to see out there!

This building is across the street from us and it is across (over) the street. I am not sure what they do there music or theater, I think. We walk under it to get to the subway.

The tall building on the right is called the Jongno Tower. The top is a restaurant. Wikipedia says "Jongno Tower is a 33-story office building. Its top floor is equipped with a restaurant and bar which is famous for its view of Jongno and other areas of Seoul." Jay has been there before and said the food is good.


  1. Hi Mom! I like the pictures. Could you take some when you go out so we can see the ground level view? Also I sent you the pictures I took of you and Dad getting on the bus to go to O'Hare.


  2. I will get some pictures from the ground level. Maybe on the way to the Immigration Office today.